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"All right!"! Don't cry! Hurry to give me a good time, I don't want to become the kind of disgusting zombie "look around the girls have even cried out in a low voice, originally still lying on the stretcher of the blue leopard immediately felt a burst of uncomfortable, looked at the arm that has revealed a trace of pale wound, and looked at the side of the expressionless Li Yalin, damn, he might as well die." "Give you what pleasure?"? How many times have I told you not to be brave! Now, "Li Yalin mercilessly glared at Lan Bao, this stupid woman, doesn't she know that someone will be her?"? "Don't do this, Yalin, teacher Lan Bao." Watson gently pulled Li Yalin's arm, his face was very dim, and in Watson's eyes, he had already issued a death notice to Lan Bao. "Well, although bitten by zombies, the chance of survival is almost zero, but to me here, everything is not a problem." Li Yalin waved his hand, zombie virus or something, in front of Li Yalin is a slag, after all, the powerful pills synthesized by red and green herbs are not ornaments, as long as the powerful pills are used, it is difficult for Lan Bao to die. Li Yalin did not immediately take out the powerful pills, in fact, just want to give Lan Bao a little lesson, who called this woman is always so reckless, if now but the world of zombies, even if she is a big master, but carelessly or will lose their lives. "What?"? Can I be saved? After hearing Li Yalin's words, Lan Bao was stunned. What's the situation? Aren't you dead? "Ancestral secret medicine, use one less one, while I still have left, you are lucky." After that, Li Yalin took out six pills that had been synthesized. In the Biochemical Crisis store, the synthetic pills each had 40 game points. However,ultrasonic generator driver, Li Yalin was so rich that he didn't blink at the six pills. But Li Yalin also knows that he can't supply this antidote without limit, which will not only make students dependent, but also his game points are not blown by the wind, give you one today and give him one tomorrow, this is a bottomless pit. It is for this reason that Li Yalin decided to tell a little lie, saying that the red and green herbal pills were ancestral secret medicines, so that the vast majority of students could give up. Sure enough, originally heard Li Yalin's words, everyone's eyes are bright, thought there was no need to fear zombies, but then heard Li Yalin's explanation, the students present also showed a disappointed look, also right, this powerful secret medicine, how can there be a lot of it? Red and green mixed pills are really very effective, just took, Lan Bao's face suddenly changed from white to red, the wound on the body is also gradually beginning to heal. "What kind of secret medicine is this?" Amazing, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, Lan Bao has never seen such a magical secret medicine, looks like the ancient heritage of China, but even so, the effect is too fast, right? It's a miracle in the history of medicine. "One or two sentences can not explain clearly, in short, it is used to remove the zombie virus, saying that Lan Bao sister you can also explain what happened?" Li Yalin doesn't want to tell the secret of the powerful pills, so it's better to change the topic at this time. "It's hard to say." Speaking of the encounter of the grain convoy, Lan Bao couldn't help sighing. Tokyo outside Gakuen Island has been reduced to a paradise for zombies. Along the way, in addition to zombies are corpses, there are no living people at all. The city has been destroyed, and human civilization seems to have been cut off. Since the duty of the motorcade is to carry food, then the first target of the blue leopard is naturally the supermarket, but unfortunately, not close to the supermarket team was surrounded by zombies, which even hide three hunters, that a few unfortunate students died under the claws of the hunter. Although the blue leopard desperately want to save the students, but zombies is too much, manpower alone is simply unable to defeat, it can be said that the blue leopard line of people can come back, it is already a miracle of strange prostitutes. Although Lan Bao did not say these words in front of the students, the paper could not hide the fire. The survivors of the motorcade had already told their friends about their experiences. In this case, the whole Gakuen Island was shrouded in a shadow. Everyone was very disappointed and could not see the disappearance of tomorrow. "No, we can't go on like this. If we continue to do nothing, I'm afraid there will be a riot on the Academy Island." At the internal meeting of the Baskerville team, Joan first expressed her opinion. Food is on the one hand. On the other hand, the Academic Affairs Department really let the students down. I really don't know what the teachers in the Academic Affairs Department are thinking. "Indeed, but we can not act rashly, about this matter, I am going to see the green pine," Li Yalin groped his chin and said thoughtfully, want to grasp the command of the military detective, the green pine is the key, this is beyond doubt. "Principal Green Pine?"? He is not easy to deal with, Yalin you have to be careful. "Obviously, Yaria's mother Kanzaki Xiangmiao knows the story of green pine very well. Seeing that Li Yalin is going to see green pine, Kanzaki Xiangmiao is also very concerned about it." "Well, I understand, green pine this old fox, after the outbreak of the biochemical crisis for so many days, he still ignored, what on earth does he want to do?" In fact, Li Yalin is also quite confused, green pine as the principal, in this crisis-ridden situation, he should take the initiative to stand up to appease the students, but green pine not only did not do so, but more silent, what is green pine thinking? The meeting was only in the middle, but at that moment, the doorbell outside the house rang suddenly. Who would come at this time? "Excuse me, is this the dormitory of senior Yalin?" The door was opened, but Li Yalin found four girls standing at the door. One of the girls, Li Yalin, was very familiar with him. He was one of the students who had been cured by himself today. He had blond hair, a single ponytail, a very beautiful face, and a very good figure. I remember you as if. Attack the first grade of the fire wild,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, right? "Although not very clear, but Li Yalin still remembered the girl's name, but who are the other three girls?"? I seem to have seen it for the first time. fycgsonic.com


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