Hun Shi San Xian (Guo Mo)

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"Good, that three days after the examination and approval meeting you will show, warning those restless people, after here to you, I have asked Guo Huai to contact the Shenzhou domain there, after here is the gateway to the Shenzhou domain, can not be lost, understand?" Yunyang ordered again. Now there is only one transmission line from Shenzhou to Xiuzhen, which can avoid the discovery of Shenzhou as much as possible. Even if those big people find the original location of the transport array again from the ancient books, it is impossible to find the Shenzhou domain. Lao Luo, how about you continue to follow me everywhere? Yun Yang asked, there are already two scattered immortals here, Robbia does not need to stay, too many people here, but will attract the attention of interested people. OK Robbia naturally has no problem, the original school has become a part of the free door, and in these schools, the original Tianming people are the least rebellious, after all, is to make the decision, those who are left under the door, there is no intention to disobey. Three days later, all the people who now hold important positions in the free door returned to Tianyuan Star, including the heads of the branches that have spread all over Tianyuan Star. After all, many people were caught in the branches. Now, in addition to the original core disciples in the door, many people from the various factions have passed the examination and become the middle of the door,86 smart board, and these people are now holding important positions, but unfortunately, there are still some people who are not satisfied with the status quo, must rebel, that is only to suppress. The good news is that most of the junior disciples have completely returned to their hearts. These people have not been in their respective sects for a long time. After being annexed by the free door, they have been well trained. In addition, the free door rewards and punishments are clear, and all disciples are treated equally. So, on the whole, it is still very good. Free in the square of the door,interactive boards for classrooms, the door of the overlord sitting in the center, surrounded by the elders, in addition to Ouyang Xiao has not come back, Guo Huai went to Shenzhou domain, the others are all here, plus more than ten elders who have been sincerely attached, is also a lot of talent. Next to them are other disciples who are qualified to participate in the trial meeting. Such a meeting has been held several times, and everyone is already familiar with the process. Bai Entu looked at the more than ten allies who intended to rebel with him, and he couldn't help sweating. He didn't think that he and others had caught all of them. These people were the people of the original factions who had contacted them to prepare for today's rebellion. And today's scene, they are very familiar with, before the trial of those rebellious people, they are also sitting on one side to see the process of people, and Mu ran the leadership of the Tianji Taiwan interrogation method, they are also clear, as long as the strange means used, then they do not want to hide anything, before every person who has been examined, must go to Tianji Taiwan. Yun Yang passed down the magic spell and the magic weapon that sealed the state of mind, but one question is accurate. Let's get started. Xiang Batian's vigorous voice came down. Bai Entu felt a tremor in his heart. He could not help regretting why he was so obsessed that he thought he had a chance. He ran to the people of Tianyang Zong to seek support. Now it seems that they are dead today. Mu ran out, 65 inch smart board ,smart boards for conference rooms, and now the little girl is the leader of Tianjitai in the inheritance of the nine veins of the free door, and her position is so high that not many people can compare with her in the free door. Yun Yang took Gu Yue Ling Zun, Ou Keqiong, Robia, Yang Feng and Lin Haoyang to hide on the roof of the free door Council hall, watching the good play below. Originally, he didn't want to come, but Ou Keqiong and Gu Yue Ling Zun were interested, so he came. Bai Entu, let's start with you. You already know the process. As long as you can get through me, the harm caused by the misunderstanding to you will be compensated by this door. It starts now. Mu ran is a natural start. Now these more than ten people have been sealed meridians, how to resist, Mu ran began to perform magic, this simple spiritual power transformation of magic, with the spirit of the true person is also able to perform, so Yunyang just taught Mu ran to let him as a traitor to examine the use of, and Mu ran in the hands of the heart mirror, but much more powerful than the lie detector. Bai Entu tried to resist, but unfortunately, he was soon hypnotized by Mu Ran. Next, in Mu Ran's questioning, Bai Entu said what he had done. In fact, these things, Mu ran control of the intelligence network has been roughly understood, so a question is a accurate, there are more than 10 people here, she can not waste so much time on a person. In Bai Entu's own account, he said how he got in touch with the people of Tianyang Sect, what price he paid, who he contacted, how he was going to sentence the free door to re-establish the door, how he was going to develop in the future and how to deal with the suppression of the free door, and so on, so that all the people around him could hear it clearly. This process, and no one is surprised, after all, has been experienced. However, it was the first time that Gu Yuelingzun had seen such a means, and he was immediately very curious. Yunyang, how can the means you use be like the magic of our spiritual practice, but there is a big difference? Gu Yue Lingzun asked, she knew that many of the means of Yunyang Society were similar to those of spiritual practice, but much stronger than spiritual practice, but she did not expect that Mu Ran, the true cultivator, would also do it. Chapter 293 interference. "It's just a small trick, and it's the best way to interrogate the mole and so on." Yun Yang said with a smile, now it seems that it was really a good choice to pass this on to Mu Ran. In the field, Bai Entu and others have been explained one by one, sitting around many of the real power figures in the door have also had the concept, these people, even do not give up, is now sent by the door owner a pot end, but it is greatly beneficial to the development of the door in the future. For decades, most of the practitioners of the original sects have no complaints about the free door and are willing to make contributions to the sect, while Bai Entu and others have tried to split and destroy again and again, which is naturally hated by people. Mu ran back to the side of Xiang Batian, each approval, is such a process,electronic board for classroom, Mu ran has been very familiar with, in the state of mind and the combination of magic, no one can hide the past.


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