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Yin Feng as a director still has a lot of things to do, thunderstorms also need to actively participate in training, even if there are some worries about Tang Linglong, but no one can stay any longer. When Tang Linglong was sober, Yin Feng carefully told her to be careful not to run into the mouth, "Call the nurse at any time if there is anything, and later, I will ask Yin Xue to come and see you." After all, only Yin Xue is not too busy in the whole technology center. Thank you, Director. Tang Linglong was grateful that Yin Feng's gentleness and consideration made her feel extremely warm in this distant black gold nebula. Yin Feng turned his head and looked at the thunderstorm. He thought that the same superior who had guarded Tang Linglong all night would tell him something about the thunderstorm, but the result stunned him. Thunderstorm just frowned at Tang Linglong, put on his glasses, picked up his Tang Dao and turned away. After a burst of helplessness and consternation, Yin Feng also left. Tang Linglong sat alone in the ward in a daze, the wound did not know whether it was painful or numb, now only felt that he had just walked through the gate of death, and finally came back alive! But put aside the present unwilling. Tang Linglong is impatient, others have things to do, what do you do? She can't see, she can't do anything! It made her start to panic. Fortunately,75 inch smart board, this panic was broken within a few hours, because Yin Xue came in, she accompanied Tang Linglong to talk for a while, Tang Linglong's wound began to itch. Itching is more terrible than pain, not to mention the ointment, has been itching crazy wound, Tang Linglong only felt that she was almost out of breath. Yin Xue has long heard from the doctor,digital interactive whiteboard, "If you itch, don't move, the doctor will come to remove the bandage for you in a moment." She said softly. Sure enough, the doctor did not come for a while, to help Tang Linglong remove the bandage after staring at her for the time being can not open their eyes, in any case to close. Yin Xue sat beside Tang Linglong, thoughtfully blowing her eyes for Tang Linglong, hoping that she could feel less itchy, which made Tang Linglong grateful. There is still a while to go before the planned time. You should take good care of your injuries first, and you don't have to worry about anything else. Yin Xue comforted Tang Linglong, "I can't wait to recover from the injury. As for the training that has been left behind.". There's always the possibility of making up for it. "Yes, I understand!" Tang Linglong finally felt a little relieved. Yin Xue chatted with her for a while, and the time passed unconsciously. I have something to do in the evening. My brother seems to be talking to the headmaster of August tonight. If Yin Yu has time, I'll let her watch you. Yin Xue asked before he left. Thank you, digital touch screen board ,4k smart board, but no, Miss Yin Yu must be exhausted after a busy day! Tang Linglong was flattered and shook her head. "I'm all right. The wound doesn't hurt anymore. I'll sleep well." "Then.." Fine. I'll go first. I wish you a speedy recovery. If I have time, I will come to see you again. Yin Xue left. Tang Linglong became a person again. She leaned on the pillow and said that it was impossible for the wound not to itch. In fact, her wound itched badly, but she was patient and could not touch it. In desperation, Tang Linglong, who was so itchy that she couldn't stand it, had to take a deep breath and whisper about the mechanical knowledge data she had memorized in her mind. She recited silently little by little, from the data of the warship to the compilation of the system language. Finally, she had no way to memorize the mechanical animal data she had designed. Recite a part, revise a part, then start from the beginning, think about where to improve, and then continue to design, continue to recite.. Thunderstorm took the document bag, went outside the ward to see such a scene, he was stunned, the shock in his heart has been turned upside down! It was the first time that he looked at Tang Linglong with new eyes, and it was also the first time that he was so shocked by the woman's learning quality. Even if she was injured and convalescing, she silently took all the time to work hard in places where others could not see, without a little retreat and complaint! Thunderstorm heart clearly, not everyone can do Tang Linglong at this moment, not everyone can endure the previous pain but did not shout a word of pain! If she was stubborn when she struggled to get up with blood all over her face in the training room and refused to admit defeat, now the thunderstorm suddenly discovered that the woman who always had conflicts with him was so stoic! She has a good military quality, why did she never find out? Really did not find it? Or have you never looked at it with your heart? Tang Linglong was still reciting the complicated data over and over again. At first, she couldn't remember it, but gradually, her heart became calm, and all the data appeared in her mind like a movie. Gradually, she smiled, thinking that the design she wanted was slowly taking shape in her heart. If only I could see it! She really wants to make those machines! "Tang Linglong." The sound of the thunderstorm startled Tang Linglong, who was thinking! Suddenly she came to her senses, still in shock. Why did the thunderstorm come? Tang Linglong held a breath of resentment in her heart. I don't expect to have a good look when I see a thunderstorm. Commander, can I make a suggestion to you? She said angrily. You say The thunderstorm stood aside holding the folder. OK Tang Linglong nodded and clenched his teeth. "Then please come in and knock on the door first. It's not good to suddenly appear and frighten others. Besides, I can't hear you walking!" Thunderstorm expression embarrassed to stand there, looking at Tang Linglong's appearance, she saw him is fully alert, which makes him sigh in his heart. It turns out that I used to be such a bad person! If Tang Linglong's attitude was very annoying before, now that he sees him these days, he already feels that some serious things can be put down. Besides, looking at Tang Linglong's closed eyes, he didn't have that angry face. I'm sorry, I didn't think of that. Thunderstorm smiled apologetically, "Walk very lightly.." It's an occupational disease of my arms. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry. Tang Linglong was a thunderstorm of a sorry and a sorry hit the whole person are dumbfounded,smart board touch screen, she only felt like a bolt from the blue in the brain, they do not have hallucinations, right? Thunderstorm just said sorry? And his tone. Weird how? "Uh.." Tang Linglong was speechless by the thunderstorm's attitude and simply did not speak. Thunderstorm looked at the chair next to him. "Can you sit down and talk?" 。


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