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"Xuanhuang Palace listens to Taoism", everyone is a disciple of "Xuanhuang Daozu", how dare you accept "classmates" as apprentices? Aren't you afraid that Xuan Huang Daozu will give you a slap? "Never mind that." Qi Heng smiled and waved his hand to release ten million catties of yuan liquid. The glittering and translucent yuan liquid rushed out and filled the whole cave house, and the vast aura billowed and surged. Had it not been for the ban of the cave mansion, this aura would have caused great changes in the celestial phenomena. It's easy to make a vision of fairy light like rain and auspicious transpiration. Ten million Jin of yuan liquid, which level can my body of the earth grow to? Hands together, the whole body pores open, constantly absorb the original liquid, and constantly integrate into the body. The vast and thin Reiki constantly absorbs and nourishes the original blood vessels in the body, so that the original blood vessels continue to grow. A trace of the original blood, which can not be checked, constantly absorbs the spirit, nourishes, grows and grows. Boom! As if every cell in the body came out with a violent roar, under the evolution of blood, every cell in Qi Heng's whole body was reborn. Newly born cells, faintly brought out a little dark yellow halo, vigorous power of the earth surging in the blood of the body. Blood growth, Qi Heng's body has become stronger, height has grown three inches. On the whole, Qi Heng is still a slender tall and straight figure, but the body is stronger,Inflatable bouncer, the strength of the body itself has become very terrible. Earth Carry all things! After absorbing all the primordial liquid, Qi Heng's joints "snapped" all over his body, and the huge blood billowed up, revealing a thick and vast breath, as vast and broad as the earth. The body of the earth has finally broken through to the realm of carrying all things. Qi Heng's face is full of joy, "carrying all things, in addition to the greater strength of the body, the more important thing is reflected in the defensive force." To carry all things is.. Everything can be borne,Inflatable outdoor park, and everything can be borne. Try the defense and see where it goes. Qi Heng stretched out his hand and took out a flying sword of the earth immortal level from the booty of the two immortals of wind and fire. He waved the flying sword and cut it down heavily on his arm. Ding! As if cut on the steel, the flying sword cut on the arm, unexpectedly issued the sound of gold and iron. A sword cut off, Qi Heng's arm. Not even a hair was cut off. Yes, the defensive power has exceeded the level of the magic weapon of the earth immortal. Although it is far from the real body of Hunyuan in previous lives, it is also very good in this situation. To be able to ignore the attack of the magic weapon, Qi Heng's strength has made great progress. If now again to the wind and fire two immortals, Qi Heng does not need to deal with them through the magma, may directly hit hard, the front explodes them. As long as I don't run into a fairy, with my present strength, even if I can't fight, I won't worry about my life. Strength greatly, Qi Heng is more confident, "even if Beishan Yin is still entangled, even if he called six scattered immortals to besiege together, Inflatable mechanical bull ,inflatable floating water park, I am not afraid!" The body of the earth has become small, even if the earth fairy drives the magic weapon attack, it can also carry a few times without injury. In this case, even if you can't beat him, you can always run away. Qi Heng, Qi Heng, come out quickly. At this time, the voice of General Han Ting sounded outside the cave house. General Han is looking for me? Qi Heng was a little surprised by Han Ting's arrival. He got up and went to the door and opened the entrance guard of the cave. "General, what's the matter?" "There is an escort mission." Han Ting stretched out his hand and took out an amulet and handed it to Qi Heng. "Prince Shaoyannong of Yu Shen Gong will come to Antan County to experience.". Yu Shen Gong wrote to me and asked me to take care of him. I think your strength is just right for you. Do me a favor! "Shaoyannong?" Qi Heng remembered that when he killed Beishan Fox, he heard Beishan Fox talking to people, and he was talking about the matter of the prince of Feather God. Fine Han Ting said "do him a favor", Qi Heng also did not mean to refuse, reached out to take the order, nodded and agreed. However, Qi Heng also has a plan in mind, if this little Yan Nong dares to take the tune in front of him, then no wonder Qi Heng taught him a lesson. Chapter 1145 Li Yu's new game. "Is there another plot to form a team to seize the treasure?" Li Yu sat in the void with a strange smile on his face, "so." Let's play a new game. Reach out a hand to brush, a book case appears in front of Li Yu. On the book case, pen, ink, paper and inkstone are complete. I was born in Cangwu Academy in Nanli Island, and this piano, chess, calligraphy and painting is also a compulsory skill! I haven't done this for many years, and I almost forgot that I was born in Confucianism! Spreading out the scroll, picking up the pen and dipping it in ink, Boss Li splashed ink and began to paint. The plot of a Chinese Ghost Story has to come to an'end '. The pen walks the dragon snake, the thick ink light color, in a moment, a picture scroll is born in Li Yu's pen. The whole picture was dark, and most of the place was covered with dark clouds splashed with thick ink, except for a huge black mountain standing in the middle of the picture. All right, the setting is complete. Putting aside his pen and ink, Li Yu turned to look in the direction of the Daxia Dynasty and smiled, "Young man, let's play a game!" He grabbed the scroll, waved it and threw it out. Silently, the scroll broke through the void and fell into the vast mountains of Daxia Dynasty and Antan County. The picture scroll unfolds slowly, and the dark thick ink flashes a trace of brilliance, turning into a boundless black sky in an instant. Scroll slowly fell, below the mountains of a fairy mansion, so silent, unwittingly, received in the scroll, became a part of the scroll. In the dark picture scroll, there is a scene of a palace surrounded by black fog. The heroine has to be in place! With a flick of his fingers, a little light flashed in the dark picture scroll. Xiaoqian, the heroine of a Chinese Ghost Story,Inflatable outdoor park, was suddenly captured by an invisible force from the Black Tooth tribe. Li Yu smiled and nodded, "a Chinese Ghost Story is over, and it's officially started." Antan County.


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