Picturesque landscape (published book)

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For this reason, Dad's friend, Aunt Youxiao, wanted to accept her as an apprentice and teach her how to learn "magic sound through the brain" in her life. After she was sternly refused, after her father asked why she refused, she replied: "Still need to learn?"? I was born to do it. Dad smiled and said, "It's not that your singing is terrible, but that people who listen to your singing will always have accidents." "Mmm." She nodded heavily and then said, "including birds and animals." Dad is at a loss for words. Therefore, she never touched anything related to music, so she could not read music, nor could she play the piano and dance. Remembering the past events that made her bitter, she felt like she had a claw scratching in her heart. Don't mention how uncomfortable it was. She couldn't sleep. She thought that the Phoenix Boat Race was originally a talent competition. She was like this, and she had to go up and take the lead. You can imagine that after singing a song, how many breath could there be? Think of that scene. Don't live.. She knew that she had to agree tonight because of the situation, but listening to the tone of the childe, it seemed that they had a plan to deal with it, and they must wait for the childe and childe Qi to come back and ask for clarification. In the first watch, Childe Qi and Childe Qi were helped back. She hurried out of the house to question them, but saw that they were already drunk and unconscious. He had to go back to the house in anger, and he had to wait until they were sober tomorrow to ask again. Hua Wuduo tossed and turned in the room and couldn't sleep. He could not help complaining secretly: "Aren't they usually quite drinkable?"? Especially Childe Qi, how so useless today, drink like this. Hua Wuduo didn't fall asleep. The night was quiet. She had martial arts and was more vigilant than ordinary people. Suddenly, she heard the sound of opening and closing the door very quickly. Hua Wuduo was startled. She hid in the window and looked out carefully. It was hot in summer, and the windows were open. Hua Wuduo saw a man standing outside the opposite childe's room from the window, dressed in night clothes. The man turned around. The bright moonlight reflected that the man's face was a childe. Then, the door of Childe Qi opened. Childe Qi, dressed in night clothes, quickly came out. They nodded to each other, put on their face towels, and flew up to the roof. They disappeared into the night in an instant. The flower that hides in the window does not have much dark thought: He two people are to pretend to be drunk unexpectedly. What are they going to do in this dress? Hua Wuduo hesitated to catch up with him, but when he saw what he was wearing, he gave up the idea. Now in the palace of the Prince of Jin, the tortoise star is also here, she had better not act rashly. Last night, Hua Wuduo waited for a long time and didn't wait for Childe Qi and Childe Qi to come back. Finally, he couldn't hold on and fell asleep unconsciously. He slept until the end of the second day. When she got up, Childe Qi and Childe Qi had not yet got up. The servant girl of the palace had been waiting for her outside the door for a long time, and when she woke up, she hurried into the room to wait on her. After tidying up, the servant girl asked her if she wanted to eat first, and learned that the two of them had not yet got up, inflatable amusement park , the weather was hot and stuffy, so she asked the servant girl to put lunch under the osmanthus tree in the courtyard, and she used it first. Just as they were eating, a little servant girl came into the courtyard with a flowery smile and a uniquely woven flower basket. Inside, there were neatly placed smooth and glittering pears, with a pink and exquisite letter paper in the middle. The servant girl saluted Hua Wuduo and said, "The maidservant has seen Miss Duoduo." "Get up, what's the matter?" Hua Wuduo put down his bowls and chopsticks and asked. Miss, Mr. Li sent someone to give this to Miss. Servant girl way. When he saw the basket of pears, Hua Wuduo thought of Li She. Hearing this, he said, "Put it there." "Yes." The servant girl put down the basket and retreated. After lunch, the maids came forward and removed the dishes. Hua Wuduo got up and picked up the letter paper in the basket. When he opened it, he saw a few words written on it: "I don't know if it's too abrupt for you to do this. I want to be a bosom friend with you. Today, Youshi, Wuziju, West Street, I'm waiting for you here." Hua Wuduo raised his eyebrows, and the letter paper was hard, but in her hands, like ordinary paper, she gently pinched it and formed a ball. She wanted to throw it away, but suddenly she smiled and threw the paper ball into the air. With a kick, the paper ball flew to the roof and disappeared. Just then, the young man went out. He stretched himself and saw that Hua Wuduo had kicked a paper ball onto the roof. "What are you doing?" He asked. Hua Wuduo said, "You finally got up. I have something to ask you." Hua Wuduo glanced at the maids standing under the tree and said, "Stand down." "Yes." The maids all retreated. What's the matter? Childe came up to her. Just as Hua Wuduo wanted to ask, she heard a woman outside the wall call out softly: "Ah." "What's the matter with you, Miss?" Asked another woman. "Something hit me," said the young lady. A moment later, the servant girl said, "Miss, it's a spitball." "Oh?" "Look, Miss," said the servant girl. "There are words on it." Hua Wuduo turned pale when he heard this, and his facial expression changed again and again. He did not care about Childe's inexplicable eyes. He secretly ran to the door and poked his head out. Childe ran to the door with her and poked his head out. They only saw Song Ziyin standing outside the door at the moment, holding the paper ball that had been spread out in his hand, blushing. "If I had known Turtle Star's sister was outside, she should have changed the name on the letter to Qi," said Hua Wuduo. ××××××××××××× Hua Wuduo was regretting to himself when two people on his head asked one after another, "What are you looking at?" "What is written on that spitball?" Hua Wuduo looked up, only to find that Childe Qi and Childe Qi were looking out like her. I don't know when Childe Qi came out of the room. Hua Wuduo waved his hand, and the three of them retreated into the courtyard. Sitting down at the table in the courtyard, he asked, "What was written on the paper?" Remembering the contents of the spitball, Hua Wuduo felt a little embarrassed. He couldn't help laughing and said,Jumping castle with slide, "Now the time has passed. You must be hungry. Eat something first. Let's talk while eating." The two men nodded. The servant girl arranged the meal and then withdrew. There were only three of them left in the courtyard. Although Hua Wuduo had just eaten, he could not help eating some more when he saw them eating with relish, and the three of them talked while eating.


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