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Dalian YISEN international trade CO., LTD established in 2013, located in china Dalian XiGang District, is a professional machinery enterprise.
Many famous professional manufacturers to establish a long-term relation of cooperation with large tire company, cable companies, rubber recycling companies, Waste tire processing in foreign and so on, that series of product construction has been appeared:
Mixing equipment: internal mixer, kneader mixer, open mill, twin screw extruding sheeting machinery, rubber sheeting machinery, rubber refiner machinery, rubber cracker machinery.
Calender equipment: Two-roll, Three-roll, Four-roll calender machinery.
Extruding equipment: Pin-barrel cold feed extrude, cold feed extrude, hot feed extrude, rubber strainer machinery.
Other equipment: waste tire Pyrolysis processing, refined oil equipment, carbon black processing, environmental protection equipment.
We always strictly adhere to our business philosophy "quality first, customer orientation unquestioned honesty, "follow the principal of "professional, integrity, commitment, innovation, quality and efficiency", our mission is to deliver products and services that always exceed customer's expectations.low price Mixing Machine



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