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There are many warriors from the land of divine grace, among whom there are indeed alchemists, but they know that their realm is low, and in front of the existence of Jester, they are a little ashamed of themselves and dare not take the lead. Aren't you an alchemist? Ziyao was surprised. I am, but I am not familiar with stone. Shi Yan smiled indifferently and narrowed his eyes slightly. He looked at the people of all nationalities from the land of divine grace and said, "Don't worry. It has nothing to do with the level of realm. It's just for you to distinguish which stones are suitable for building cities. If you have some knowledge in this respect, come out with a few." Encouraged by him, an old man of the human race, who was only in the state of nirvana and looked restless, clenched his teeth and came out of the crowd and said, "My Lord, I am an alchemist, and my realm is not high, but I once got an ancient scroll with experience in distinguishing stones." "Well, you're in, but is there anyone else?" Shi Yan agreed, hesitated for a moment, and then said: "To help you, I will give the elixir as a reward." Many people look moved, showing great interest, however, can only look at, no one took the initiative to come out. It seems that there is no confidence and confidence. Shi Yan waited for a while, but when he saw that no one had come out,Automatic Nail Making Machine, he sighed helplessly and said to the giant, "There are only three of us. Let's go." "Get on our shoulders." The two giants squatted down, let Shiyan, Jester and the old man come up, and then strode away, running so fast that the earth shook up. Chapter nine hundred thousands of miles underground Two giant clan big man walking like flying, a little smaller trees, leaves flying in their March, sitting on the giant clan big man Shiyan three people,Iron Nail Making Machine, looking at the trees under the body such as haystacks, are a little wonderful feeling. ( m) The old man named Li Xiao, who only had the cultivation of Nirvana, was bumped all the way under the super gravity. His face turned blue and his eyes were restless. For a while, after the giant clan stopped, the old man felt sick to his stomach and could not help vomiting. Whew! Shi Yan twisted Li Xiao and fell to the rubble in the middle of the mines. Li Xiao bent down and retched, and his face turned pale. Nirvana could not adapt to the gravity of Gulan Star. He stood trembling a little, his legs shaking constantly, like carrying a mountain on his back. This is a mine, covering hundreds of acres, many mountains and rivers collapsed, a lot of rubble scattered. A big fellow of the giant clan, with a thunderous voice, shouted, "This is the quarry where my clan built the building. You can choose whatever you want." Li Xiao's face trembled, and he was shocked to spit out a mouthful of blood, dispirited like a sick seedling, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Coil Nail Making Machine, and his expression was extremely ugly. Shi Yan smiled bitterly, shook his head, reached out to bring out the brilliant starlight, and wrapped Li Xiao in it. Li Xiao shrouded in the starlight, avoided the strong gravity, isolated the sound of loud drinking, and his face had a little blood. Jester frowned, threw out an elixir and said, "Swallow it." Li Xiao froze for a moment and looked at Shiyan. Eat it. It won't hurt you. Shi Yan nodded with a smile. Only then did Li Xiao dare to swallow the elixir, and immediately a surge of potency for him dissipated directly. His traumatized body quickly recovered, his pale face filled with blood, and in an instant he became energetic. Li Xiao felt silently, his face trembled, his knees fell to the ground in ecstasy, and he kowtowed to Jester and thanked him again and again. For Jester, the lowest level of an elixir is also the category of the sixth or seventh grade of the holy level. Only Li Xiao, who is in the realm of nirvana, takes it, which is simply the treasure of practice. m He was keenly aware that the elixir thrown by Jester had increased the strength of his body chalk, and even the dregs of his body had been purified. With the power of this elixir, after refining, he has a great possibility to break through the first order! He was naturally overjoyed. Shi Yan didn't look at him much. He smiled at a giant man. "What kind of stone do you choose? How can you tell if stone is suitable for you to build a house?" "It's too simple." A big fellow grinned and simply said: "We bombarded the stone, which kind of stone has the strongest bearing capacity, and finally it was exploded. Naturally, it is the strongest stone, which is suitable for us." "It's really simple." Shi Yan smiled. But in my heart, I really don't agree. He is a good refiner, and he has some experience in refining. The giant's method of choosing stone is really useful for people who don't know how to refine. However, stone and stone can be tempered and fused with each other. In many cases, several kinds of fragile stones are tempered and compatible, and the toughness of the re-formed stones will soar several times, or even tens of times! With the existence of this quenching method, the way the giants choose stones seems a little too vulgar. Alchemist Jester, also frowned, rather disdainful, "if so simple, there is no alchemist and alchemist in the world, a weapon as long as looking for the hardest material, is not the most powerful?"? Naturally, it's not that simple! Giant clan man, also not angry, ha ha silly smile, "our clan is not good at these, also do not pay attention to, so many years we have done so.". Well, we also know that the materials refined by many powerful alchemists can be called powerful, but there is no alchemist in our clan. As soon as he explained this, Jester and Shiyan could not say much. You can see for yourself. If you like any stone, you can call us. One of them put down such a sentence and sat down lazily in a pile of stones, squinting and dozing, with a pleasant expression. Shi Yan smiled and did not say much. Chong Jester and Li Xiao said, "We spread out and look for each other. Stone is the cornerstone of our city and the guarantee of our future home. I hope you will take it seriously." "You should do your best." As soon as Li Xiao's expression was straight, he took a deep breath and walked towards the place where the rubble was scattered ahead. Jester was also very serious, his eyes twinkling constantly, and he took out a yellow scroll and carefully compared it with something. Looking at him like that,wire nail machine manufacturers, it seems that he is not really proficient in the types and structures of stone, just because there is a reference, so he will be so confident.


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