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"Well," said Seni, nodding her head. Ronan is a very good child, and you should cherish it. Mrs. Mei Li is happy. But Seni seemed to want to say something else. You've been mean to him before, but it's nothing. A boy like Ronan Lindao, just coax him more. Mei Li comforted Seni. Lady Mei Li's speech did not directly alleviate Seni's distraction. Fortunately, Hawking came back and went to Lady Mei Li to pick her up before returning to the Apocalypse Star. This time Seni uncharacteristically volunteered to go, and recommended a lecturer from the school to visit the exhibition as a term paper topic. The daughter finally has some enlightenment, knows how to obey the father's mind, and has a sweetheart that everyone likes. The strong support of Mrs. Mei Li. There is only one thing that makes people feel confused, Seni secretly took some essence of Tianna before departure, do not know what to do, does she want to charm Ronan to him? Mrs. Mei Li was not so fatuous, and she had a mind in the dark. Sure enough, everything was different from what his wife had imagined when she arrived at the Apocalypse Star. First of all, when Seni saw Ronan Lindao, she didn't look like her heart was moving at all. She looked like a gambler in a casino who saw the expression of a loan shark. She was very anxious,Nail Making Machine price, but she was a little scared inside. Secondly, Ronan's expression is even more strange, some gloomy, some sad, but also deliberately avoid Seni. Finally, it was the so-called lecturer,Nail machine manufacturer, Mr. Chukin, who blinded Meili's eyes and could not see that this disgruntled Chukin had the style of the highest college lecturer. So Mrs. Mei Li believed that Seni's rebellion had not improved, on the contrary, she had developed to a higher level. Theni is going to be in big trouble this time! Lady Mei Li began to notice Seni and Chukin's sneaky behavior, and finally one day she found Seni secretly driving bubbles and Chukin out of the door. Mrs. Mei Li followed them together, no matter what kind of leak Seni made, she always hoped to make up for it to a certain extent, at least not to be discovered by Hawking. Turn around and say that after Seni and Chukin drove the bubble to the asteroid of Ronan Lindao, Seni went straight to block Ronan who was about to go out. Ronan, I have something to say. Seni spoke directly. Ronan Lindao looked at Seni in front of him, who had kissed him affectionately a few days ago, but now looked a little strange. It seemed that the heavy rain on the asteroid had indeed washed away something. "Don't hide from me, Coil nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine," said Luo Nanlin. Saini tugged at Ronan's arm. Ronan closed his eyes slightly, took a deep breath and said to Seni, "I know what you're going to say. My answer is no." Seni looked at Ronan Lindao's face, and the green eyes of the lake were now like the lake under the haze, deep and bottomless. Saini couldn't see the old Ronan in it, and she was a little worried. Why Seni murmured. Such a question may only be answered by people like Luo Nanlindao. If it were Fan Jianyan, it would be polite to keep silent. Generally speaking, Xiao Fan would only say one verb: "Get out!" Seni, I know what you've done. This is not right. Please don't let Hawking and Mrs. Mei Li down. Ronan's answer was to the point. No, it's different this time. Seni dragged Ronan Lindao hard, and suddenly tears came out of her beautiful big eyes. Ronan, I really beg you to let Lulu Shanyin go. Or he will be judged, and I.. So this is the case, Ronan Lindao looked at the crying Seni, a burst of weakness in the heart. He has forgotten that he can actually choose to walk away, choose not to continue to face, just stand in place, infinite sadness. As long as you let him go, I promise I won't make trouble for my father again, and I can never appear in front of you again. Ture! Trust me! Seni broke down in tears. But I never wanted you to disappear in front of us. Ronan whispered. Then help me! Help me. Seni seemed to see a glimmer of hope. Seni, you go back first, don't let the tutor find anything. Ronan Lindao supported Seni and said. So you said yes? Seni smiled with tears in her eyes. Ronan frowned and did not answer. "Are you coaxing me?" Seni asked Ronan, "Just because I don't like you?"? Would you lie to me? Ronan Lindao didn't know what to say. Seni suddenly pushed Luo Nanlin away and said, "What's the difference between you and other people? That's all." Then he turned around and left. Ronan Lindao hesitated to continue explaining something to Seni, but saw her make a gesture not far away. Then his body was hit by something, not an energy beam, as if it was a paralyzing drug, and Ronan Lindao felt that his whole body was rapidly losing strength, and soon he could not support his standing posture. Seni looked at Ronan Lindao, who was barely standing against the wall, and said coldly, "I should have known it was useless to beg you. It's better to be so direct." Then he turned to Achu, who was lying in ambush, and said, "Come here quickly and take him to prison." The little Achu came out of the dark, still holding the anesthetic device in his hand, and smiled at Seni. "Miss Seni, I suddenly feel that it's too much trouble. I have a better way." Then he raised the tranquilizer gun and shot Seni. An unexpected accident Report and brush scores The well-fed Miss Seni was unprepared for Achu's behavior, and such a greenhouse flower would never know that the outside world was actually a windy and rainy world. Seni was hit by an anaesthetic bullet and fell down. Until then she began to regret her actions. She shouted at Ronan Lindao with all her strength: "Ronan!" Unfortunately,Nail machine supplier, Ronan's situation is not optimistic. The more powerful the DANA is, the more sensitive it is to the essence of Tianna. Ronan is almost unable to stand because he is of Apocalypse descent. Achu observed the situation of the two men and walked slowly forward. Despair Seni stared helplessly at the dwarf. Just as Achu began to plan to do it, a flash of white energy hit Achu's right arm.


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