Opening the Coffin with Joy: The Hades Beg to Let Go

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Suddenly, my heart moved and several fragments appeared in my mind. I saw Zhou Yuhao tied up in the magma pool. At this time, the magma did not rise. I suddenly began to undress and take off the clothes I was wearing one by one. The soft dark blue cloth slipped off my body and opened a soft flower on the ground. He looked at me with dim eyes. I walked towards him in the air, naked, and every step was like walking on the ground. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at me critically. "What do you want?" "What else can I do?" My mouth curled up with an evil smile. "*** you, of course." With that, I came to him, put my hand around his neck, and wrapped my legs around his waist. My face suddenly changed, I held my head, and I was extremely frightened. God, what did I do in my previous life? I was in the magma pool with him. My taste is too strong. You can imagine how much Zhou Yuhao hated me when he was forced to bow by my overlord. How can I see him in the future? In this life, he saw me for the first time, and he was also an overlord. Is it difficult to retaliate against him in my previous life? My heart clenched, I was really a sin in my previous life. "Xiao Lin," Yun Qi suddenly called me in the front, "come and see." I immediately adjusted my mood and walked quickly over, and Yunqi stepped on a faceless humanoid ghost, which was not dead and was still struggling desperately. I sighed in my heart that holding a big thick leg had this advantage. He could solve everything. All the ghosts and organs he met along the way were easily cracked by him, which made me feel no pleasure at all. The building in front of me was like a tower. He raised his hand and pushed it away. Suddenly, a dazzling golden light flashed in my eyes. It was full of gold, silver and jewelry,stainless steel tube 304, all kinds of gold, silver and jewelry, even if it was a national treasury, it was just so so. Yunqi was not even interested in looking at these things and said, "This tower has three floors. Let's go upstairs and have a look." I nodded and followed him up the stairs to the second floor. I suddenly felt the danger. I looked down and saw a black liquid gushing out from under the floor. The black liquid gushed out differently like a spring, and then flowed towards us. My face froze and I said, "Mochizuki Lake Venom." This kind of hell venom is a kind of criminal law in the seventh layer of hell. There is a lake called Mochizuki Lake. The name is very beautiful, but in fact it is very terrible. The lake is full of black liquid. This liquid is highly poisonous. Poisoned people will not die,aluminium coated steel tube, but their bodies will rot inch by inch. They live in great pain every day. "In the way," Yunqi's face sank, he stepped forward, stretched out his hand, grabbed it in the air, and the liquid all floated up, floated in the air, and solidified into a big dark ball. With a wave of his hand, the big ball flew out of the window and fell into a bottomless abyss. Then he pushed open the door of the second floor. As soon as my eyes lit up, there were bookcases and medicine shelves on this floor, and the medicine shelves were filled with all kinds of bottles and cans, while the bookcases were filled with books. I pulled out a book, turned it over, and found that it was the only one of the Tang Dynasty, and there were many bamboo slips piled up. I pulled out another volume of bamboo slips, aluminium coated tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, which was actually the Book of Mountains and Seas of the Warring States Period. These books are all priceless, and I just take one out and make a lot of money. I looked at the elixirs again, Yiyuan Dan, Jinwu Pill, Xuanyuan Dan, Huayu Dan, Lingpo Dan, Peiyuan Dan, Xigu Dan, Yanghun Dan, Jinhuandan, Muhuandan, Shuihuandan.. Many of the elixirs were lost elixirs. I opened a bottle and smelled it. It was very fragrant. Even after all these years, these pills are still effective. I opened my backpack and swept away the elixirs without hesitation. Looking at this backpack full of elixirs, my heart is full of a sense of achievement. We went to the third floor and killed a powerful ghost on the stairs. I thought there would be a lot of powerful magic weapons on the third floor. As soon as I entered the door, I froze. There's only one thing on the whole floor. It's a mirror. I couldn't help but step forward and touch the mirror lightly, and a faint ripple rippled on the mirror, which reflected the whole underground palace. My heart moved, is this mirror monitoring the whole underground palace? I reached out again and touched it lightly, and the picture changed into a scene in another building in the underground palace, where the Zhou family and their father were working together to deal with a hell native ghost with countless tentacles. Sure enough, I secretly said in my heart that this mirror is really convenient. With it, what kind of camera is installed? This is much more environmentally friendly. I no longer care about Zhou's father and son, turned to Yunqi and said, "Yunqi, let's look around again and see if we can find anything good." "Of course," said Yun-chi, nodding. It took us three days to avoid Zhou's father and son, search the whole underground palace, and meet a lot of ghosts, Yunqi was too lazy to clean up one by one, just let out his own powerful breath, and those ghosts automatically receded. You know, powerful ghosts are everywhere in hell, and if you want to survive in hell, besides improving your own strength, the most important thing is to judge the situation. Sometimes, running fast is the only way to survive. There are a lot of good things in the underground palace, but many of them are large treasures, such as bronze, weapons and so on. I really hope that I can have a bag of Gan Kun mentioned in fantasy novels, and I can move the whole underground palace away. And the Zhou family father and son, after several bitter battles, also found a lot of treasures, watching the time approaching, they quietly retreated from the original road with those things, so as not to be suspected. On this day, I was practicing in Jubao Building. I had just swallowed a one-yuan pill and was absorbing half of its potency. Yunqi was lying on his side on a mat,beam impact tubes, holding a roll of bamboo slips from the Three Kingdoms Period in his hand. Suddenly, we heard a deafening sound, and then the whole underground palace shook and dust rustled down from the ceiling.


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