There are always people who want to corrupt my disciples.

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Yun Jiao didn't think much about it and nodded directly, "then I'll start the exam." Said directly touched the side of the timing array, a white light suddenly lit up, forming a light column, and very slowly down. Only then did the headmasters take back the eye knife that cut Lord Xu and begin to answer the questions. If the big main hall was quiet in an instant, Yunjiao was not idle, and took out a stack of amulets and began to correct them one by one. Martial Uncle yuan went back to the upper world. There were still a few classes left in the third class, so she had to take over the third class and take over the class temporarily. These amulets are the homework of Class Three. Yun Jiao looked at hundreds of pictures in a row and felt a little dizzy. He didn't know how Martial Uncle yuan did it. He corrected so much homework in one day, and he could find out the flaws without missing one. She sighed, calculating the next course, anyway, there is not much left, or it is better to change the exam. After all, drawing amulets is only the first step, and only qualified amulet masters can realize new amulets by themselves. Well, that's a happy decision! Ignorant Class Three:.. What's the matter? Suddenly I feel my vest is cool! —— The teacher qualification examination went smoothly, and before noon, the three-hour examination time was up. Yun Jiao also did not delay, received the examination paper, waved goodbye to a face of life without love, as if the body was hollowed out of the master elders, directly back to Qingyang. The original plan was to approve the examination papers, and the sooner qualified teachers were selected, the better the school would officially open. Suddenly there was a loud boom in the back hill,beam impact tubes, which seemed to be the sound of an explosion. Yun Jiao was startled and almost threw out the big stack of papers in his hand. The old man who had just finished the class also rushed out of the study, his face still in shock, and looked at Yunjiao in the courtyard, "Girl!"! That was just.. What's that sound? "I don't know, it should come from the back hill." Yun Jiao's face sank and he hurriedly put down the test paper in his hand and said, "Go and have a look." Two people toward the direction of the back hill, all the way uninterruptedly heard a bang, until through the rear hall to see the back of the hillside a dust flying, seems to have experienced a small bombing in general. Eh! That's where the vegetable plot is! The old man instantly recognized,cold drawn tubes, is it Ying Lun? Yun Jiao also felt the strong vitality from the dust, and immediately quickened his pace and ran past. When they arrived at the vegetable field on the mountainside, the dust around them had almost dispersed, and two figures were seen in the distance. Ying Lun's voice came from the front, one more tragic than the other. Ah, wait! Pain, pain, pain. Ye yuan, listen to my explanation. I don't mean it For the sake of knowing each other for many years, oh, it's going to be broken. I don't want to, who knows you pass by here at this time, I don't want to blow up. "~ ~ ~" I saw a green vegetable field, at this time has become pitted, like a bomb dropped, everywhere is half a meter deep pit, Precision Welded pipes ,precision welded tubes, pit also faintly floating some unknown red objects, with a sweet fragrance. And Ying Lun is lying in a pit, next to the night yuan one foot is stepping on his back, the whole person to step on Ying Lun underground. He was cold all over, as if he were trying to freeze the air, and the cold was biting. Always indifferent eyes, but at this time as if ignited, full of anger, but also mixed with a little-murderous look! The two people who came in a hurry were stunned. It was the first time they had seen the grandfather so angry. What had happened. Click. Suddenly there was a crisp sound on Ying Lun's body, like a broken sound, and he suddenly howled even more tragically, "Ow, oh, oh, I want to die!" "Grandfather!" Only then did Yun Jiao respond and hurriedly go over to pull the frame. "What's going on?" The night deep that is about to trample a person to break this just turns round, the look in the eyes sweeps to the cloud beside Jiao, the gas of ice cold is a little heavier, just the fire light in the eye is a little dim, flashed a silk inexplicable mood, seem to be-grievance?! Chapter 186 dangerous plants. "Grandfather." Yun Jiao just wanted to ask. As soon as Ying Lun on the ground saw someone coming, he opened his mouth and could not stop calling for help. "Oh, little disciple, you're here at last!"! I'm going to SHI, help me! Help me! Ye yuan is crazy. My poor old waist. I go to bed early and get up early every day. I have maintained my old waist for tens of thousands of years. He almost broke it just now! So many years of friends, actually do not give a little face, too much! Break up! I absolutely want to break up with him for three hours! Ouch.. Disciple, please persuade him to move his feet first. Ye yuan, you don't need your own waist, and don't be jealous of me, but. "~ ~ ~" Before he had finished speaking, Ye yuan stepped directly into the mud at the bottom of the pit and let him eat a mouthful of mud. He even spat several times before spitting out, but still subconsciously wanted to continue, "Little disciple, look at him." "Shut up!" Yunjiao couldn't help glancing at him. She was still a chatterbox who couldn't stop. She rubbed her forehead with some pain and had to look at Yeyuan. "Grandfather, if you have something to say, let him come out from the bottom of the pit first, OK?" Night yuan one Leng, expression suddenly more cold, full of surprise to look at her, eyes that grievance mood seems to be more thick, word by word way, "you have to help him!" Yun Jiao was stabbed by his eyes for no reason in his heart, and shook his head directly, "Of course not!"! It's just that you can't fight here, can you? Why don't you tell me what's going on? Only then did Ye yuan's face ease a little. He lowered his head and stared at Ying Lun, tightening his tight side hand. His face was still full of anger, but he obediently removed the foot on Ying Lun's back. Ying Lun rolled around directly on the spot, touched his waist and sat up while humming, "Ouch." It's okay, it's okay, it's not broken! My poor old waist, in another quarter of an hour. "All right, all right!" Yun Jiao has a black line. You are a keeper. Are you so delicate? Even if it's broken,side impact beams, it won't matter, okay? "What did you do?"? What's going on here, turning into this? The whole vegetable field was destroyed. Do you know how much silver was lost.


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