Author: Inadvertent Baby Tianmo [Full Text Absolutely Ended] [1]

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"By the way, you say this is a heaven in the ancient world. Are there many heavens in this world?"? Are there other creatures? Ye Yun frowned and asked. It's just two days. And there are no living things in these two heavens. Jing Hong tilted his head and said strangely, "It's strange that these two heavens are no different from the world below, but it's strange that there are no creatures.". Everything is dead. There is no night in the two days, only day. These two days, no one has come. Only my speed can reach it. So don't be afraid that the devil will come after you. "What about the flowers and plants?" Ye Yun doubts, what is the meaning of dead things? They are all made of white jade. Flowers, plants, trees, birds and animals are all made of white jade. It's pretty. But it never moves. Jing Hong blinked his eyes and recalled. Ye Yun frowned doubtfully, all made of white jade? Why does it kind of feel like someone made a work of art? Thinking of this, Ye Yun's heart was startled. If these two naivety are made by people? Then the strength of this man. How horrible! "I'm a little hungry." Jing Hong enjoyed Ye Yun bathing him and came out with such a sentence. What do you usually eat? Ye Yun asked curiously. Eat what I like. Jing Hong narrowed his eyes and said with enjoyment,side impact door beams, "I'll take you to a good place to eat delicious food later." "Down there?" Ye Yun asked. That's natural. Everything in the world here is made of white jade and can't be eaten. Jing Hong twisted his body with satisfaction, then turned to look at Ye Yun's wet clothes, thought about it, let Ye Yun go ashore, then Jing Hong blew his breath,side impact beams, Ye Yun's wet clothes immediately dried. Come on, I'll take you there. Jing Hong also went ashore and motioned for Ye Yun to ride up. Passing through the place where people could hardly breathe, Ye Yun's eyes darkened. Back to the ancient world. The speed of the startled swan was really terrible, and when Ye Yun opened his eyes again, he had already come to a quiet island. Jing Hong looked up at the sky and said, "Let's sleep for a while. It's almost dawn. Go and look for it at dawn. Now the dew is heavy." Jing Hong is familiar with the road and carries Ye Yun to a towering giant tree. Found a comfortable position in the tree, lay down and let Ye Yun lie on his body and fall asleep. At daybreak, Jing Hong woke up Ye Yun. Let's go before they wake up. Jing Hong said in a low voice. Ye Yun wondered, Precision steel tubes ,side impact door beams, what kind of animal is Jing Hong looking for to eat? Jing Hong carried Ye Yun gently close to a mountain. He stood there motionless and said to Ye Yun with divine consciousness, "Hide your breath." Ye Yun pinched his hand and hid his breath. Here they come. Jing Hong whispered in Ye Yun's mind and looked up at the valley. It's not moving. Ye Yun looked at the scene that appeared at the mouth of the valley and stared in surprise. What she saw was a row of tall flowers coming out of the valley with neat and graceful steps. The huge round leaves flutter gently in the wind, topped by a round disc with a pink fruit in the middle. The fragrance is unusual and the color is attractive. Jing Hong's eyes showed Baba's desire, staring at the pink fruit and unable to move his eyes. When all the flowers came out, Jing Hong suddenly appeared and rushed to the last two big flowers, biting down the pink fruit on them. Ah "Oh, my God!" "Indecent assault!" "Jing Hong, that rascal is coming again. Run!" For a moment, the huge flowers screamed, grabbed their big round leaves and ran. In a flash, all the flowers ran away, leaving only the startled Hong standing proudly in place. Look, this is very delicious. He spat out one of the pink fruits in his mouth on Ye Yun's hand as if he were surprised to present a treasure. Ye Yun looked at the pink fruit in his hand and wanted to laugh, but he couldn't laugh when he saw Jing Hong's earnest eyes. Didn't Jing Hong know why the flowers called him a hooligan? The flower Nui is equal to the place of the flowers. I will not type out the place here. It should be harmonious. Everyone knows that it is that place. "Taste it, it's delicious." Jing Hong bit another pink fruit in his mouth and narrowed his eyes with satisfaction. Ye Yun looked at the pink fruit in his hand, which was the size of a baby's fist, and hesitated to take a careful bite to his mouth. Between that, a fragrance that could not be described in words filled Ye Yun's mouth. The delicious taste of the tongue almost makes people forget to think. Ye Yun closed his eyes and savoured the delicacy. Is it delicious? Jing Hong laughed. "They have one fruit in a month.". Every morning they come out here to drink mountain spring water, and I wait for them here. One a month? Ye Yun looked at the pink fruit in his hand and had some obscene thoughts in his heart. Is this the one of the big flowers. Think of here, Ye Yun's heart is not so comfortable. Although this is the most delicious thing Ye Yun has ever eaten so far. Yo, Beloved, there you are. It's easy for me to find. A cold voice suddenly came into Ye Yun's ears. It's the devil! Ye Yun stared at the evil man floating in midair. For a moment, the demon king appeared as a man. It's still so handsome that it's suffocating. Go Jing Hong's eyes were dignified, carrying Ye Yun up to the sky. Want to go! Beelzebub sneers, the figure shakes, has already made a move. Jing Hong turned into a white light and disappeared, but suddenly felt a light on his back and frightened in his heart. Ye Yun is no longer on his back! | Pai Pai Novel Forum lyg021 Handwritten, Please Specify for Reprint | Chapter 26 the first human to enter the city of the Demon King. Jing Hong turned into a white light and disappeared, but suddenly felt a light on his back and frightened in his heart. Ye Yun is no longer on his back! When Jing Hong turns around and returns to the previous place,Cold Drawn Tubes, where is the shadow of Ye Yun?! Jing Hong's heart is a little flustered, if captured by the devil, the consequences are unimaginable. She must be rescued before the Demon King gets tired of Ye Yun! Ye Yun only felt black in front of his eyes and did not know anything.


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