Hello, God. Goodbye, God.

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When Rong Duo looked at the purple potion smeared on his forehead, he suddenly had an impulse to kill, just looking at a serious, even a smile is too lazy to give after the Xia Na, anger was strangled in the cradle. Thought silently, perhaps, he is really not good at taking care of people? Thinking of his cautious appearance just now, the purple potion in the mirror became lovely. What are you doing here? A cold voice. Of course it is. Rong Duo carefully observed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders, "to catch the heartbreaker." Now it's Shiner's turn to be in a daze. When did he become a heartbreaker? Why doesn't he know? The doubts in my heart were suppressed, and I felt the meaning of Rong Duo's teasing and compromise, but the words I said were still cold, "If my memory is not wrong, I don't seem to have lost the hearts of others." Rong Duo was so angry and funny that he pulled his arm. "No, I delivered the goods to my door, and you didn't even look at me.". "" With a sigh, she suddenly felt so familiar with the feeling. Home delivery? Shiner was stunned again, turned to look at her, did not forget to take her hand down, a little farther away, word by word said in a cold voice: "refuse to sign." "Forget it." Discouraged, Rong Duo put down his hippie face just now,collapsible bulk container, and the expression on his face suddenly pulled down, "I'll explain to you slowly.." "I don't need to explain, I know." Shiner abruptly interrupted her, sat down on the sofa, and the two continued to confront each other. You know and run? Rong Duo does not understand, really does not understand. If he didn't misunderstand something, why did he suddenly leave? Did she flatter herself? At this time, the innocence in her eyes made him puzzled,plastic trash bins, angry and irritable. After a vicious look at her, Shiner quickly got up, reached out and grabbed her, and in a flash of lightning, she was already in his arms before she could react. Feeling the strength of his embrace, Rong Duo did not struggle, quietly listening to his heartbeat, calm and powerful, giving people a sense of reassurance. With a sigh of helplessness, Xia Na said lightly, "I was going to leave for a period of time, and I will go back and settle accounts with you." Feeling a slight tremor in his bosom, he continued with a laugh: "Now the goods you delivered have come to my door, and I have refused to accept them, so we are even." Because the brief laughter made the sentence much less threatening. Rong Duo hummed in a low voice with some dissatisfaction: "If I had known, plastic pallet box ,spill plastic pallet, I wouldn't have come. I would have suffered.". You didn't see me when you went to your company, and you said that the appointment was scheduled for next month. "Did you go to the company?" "Feeling her discontent and grievance, Shiner took her by the waist and asked softly, much more gently." Well, it arrived at noon. The sun is so strong outside, and I've been looking for you everywhere. I've waited so long in the heat at your door, and I haven't eaten since morning. The more he said, the more he felt aggrieved, and the tragic atmosphere of the white-haired girl gradually became strong. Gollum.. A belly cry interrupted the original atmosphere of warmth with some charm. Rong Duo coughed awkwardly and withdrew from his arms. Well, I'm hungry. Shiner spread out his hands and looked at her, not at all self-sufficient. All right, make amends. Rong Duo looked at him and turned to look for the kitchen. Goodbye, little love nest. Originally Rong Duo also thought that he would have nothing here, and then go to the supermarket together to buy a lot of things. After sweetly carrying it back from the supermarket, he sat on the sofa watching TV and she slowly made a beautiful dinner. But it turns out that this is not a TV show. When Rong Duo saw all kinds of vegetables and fruits prepared in the refrigerator, even beef was fresh instead of canned, and took out what she needed one by one, Rong Duo walked out of the kitchen. There was a slight smell of danger in her squinting eyes, and she didn't believe he would go to the supermarket to buy these things! Even if he can cook, but he hasn't eaten until now, there must be thugs, there must be. "Hm?"? Is there something missing? Shiner looked up from the book, saw her with a bad face, and asked with a smile. With a look in her eyes, she looks really good in an apron, if only it wasn't Zhao Yueer who fell down. Rong Duo followed his line of sight to look at himself, and then anger began to spurt out! Whose is this? Just now I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was such a feminine thing here, and I was so happy to take it with me that I found that it was not new. Is he having an affair? Thinking of this, Rong Duo's eyes opened wide from the slight squint of feigning anger just now, and the round eyes let Xia Na finally break the work. With a stretch of his long arm, he held her in his arms and sat on his lap. Come on, what do you want to ask? Rong duo see him so cooperate, also did not have the following, just looked down at the chest of Hello kitty bite the lip and asked: "whose is this?" "A colleague's." Shiner tells the truth. Would a colleague leave something as life-like as an apron at your house? Too blind, too blind.. Rong Duo thought to himself, is he really stupid or pretending to be stupid? "It's really a colleague's. If you don't like it, don't wear it." Xia Na answered with great sincerity, looking at the way Rong Duo frowned, the idea of teasing came out again. I can't help it, he's telling the truth. "No." Rong Duo looked up and said earnestly, "I just don't like this YD yellow cat!" Then he stood up and took off his apron and threw it on Shiner's desk, covering the book he was reading. The pictures in the book attracted Rong Duo's attention. "Hey, isn't this a picture of a fantasy world?" Then he turned over the cover of the book-the full strategy of the fantasy world arena. Just now so seriously read the book, thought he was reading what professor-level advanced books, the original is the game, thinking of Rong Duo's eyes also despised up, "the original can not read the game ah." In fact, sometimes she is not used to not playing games for a long time,plastic pallet supplier, even if she stands on it and watches the system messages and the gossip on the world channel, or looks at the wild scenery, she feels good. cnplasticpallet.com


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