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Hao Bao said indifferently, "What's so powerful about the Gate of Life and Death?"? See how happy you are. Hao Xing was surprised: "Did you pass the gate of life and death?" Hao Bao said proudly: "Not only pass, Ganoderma lucidum will bring you back!" "Really?" "Of course it's true!" Hao Bao took out the small box and shook it to Hao Xing. Hao Xing was pleasantly surprised: "I can't believe it." Hao Bei said with relish, "This is all Po's miracle. I have tasted all the Ganoderma lucidum. It tastes really good." He repeated the story. When Hao Xing heard that the door of life and death had been broken by a rat, he could not help but look at Hao Bao twice. He was worried in vain, and even a little embarrassed. Before he left, he said how serious the door of life and death was. Then I heard that two people were drunk and cut down Ganoderma lucidum, which was really painful and wanted to laugh. Feeling sorry for the destruction of the precious Ganoderma lucidum, laughing at the two of them and causing embarrassment, it was Po's precious blade that made her feel that the treasure was really psychic and admired her father's insight. However, the baby brother still hid the fact that his father had drawn lots to marry his wife. "Actually," said Hao Bao, "when the plastic fairy learned that you wanted to take it, she meant to give it as a gift." Hao Xing was surprised: "Does the plastic fairy know me?" Baby brother nodded. Who is she? "She won't say," said Hao Bao. He promised the plastic fairy not to say anything about his father, so he didn't want to mention it again. Hao Xing thought and guessed, but still couldn't figure out why the fairy knew her. Hao Bei urged, "Auntie, Ganoderma lucidum has been taken back. Why don't you take it quickly?" Hao Bao opened the box,custom cosmetic packaging, and the sweet smell of Ganoderma lucidum gushed out. He couldn't help being a little greedy: "I don't know if this Ganoderma lucidum can clear the fat on my body, but I'm sure it's intoxicating." Hao Xing's son-in-law smiled and said, "You don't have to try. I know it works when I see it." Hao Bao had already put away his greed. If he couldn't help eating it again, his aunt would be in trouble. "I doubt it," he said, "because Abe and I ate three and a half plants. How could we not be so thin?" Hao Bei chimed in, "Yes, I doubt it,tube lip gloss, too. Aunt should try it so that we can rest assured." Hao Xing hesitated. Hao Bao said with a smile, "Don't you want to give up the flesh on your body?" Hao Xing joked: "It's really a little reluctant." Hao Bao laughs: "You eat!"! Not necessarily less meat, we are not the same. "You don't have any extra meat on you," said Hao Xing. "Of course you don't." Hao Bei couldn't help being impatient: "Auntie should also see that we risked our lives to get Ganoderma lucidum back from a long distance. Would you like to eat it?" Hao Bao also said, "We met Jian Sanxia and Sima Erxia on the way back. They all knew that Feiyan Ganoderma lucidum had been taken back. If you don't eat it, how can we explain to them?" Hao Xing sighed, "You really shouldn't have said that." "Why?" Hao Bei does not understand its meaning. Hao Xing sighed, "I really don't want two people to fight again." Appears to be very nerve-racking. "We know how you feel," said Hao Bei. "You don't know how we feel. Why don't you worry about it after you eat Ganoderma lucidum?" Hao Bao suppressed his smile and said, "Auntie, it doesn't matter if you don't eat it, but you can act as our experiment for the time being. We really want to know if Ganoderma lucidum is effective." Hao Xing looked into his eyes and said, "Didn't you eat it?" "But the state of mind is different. If you imagine that you are an experiment, plastic packaging tube ,pump tube, you will not have a spiritual burden." Hao Bei also pleaded: "Auntie, I hope you can understand our pains." Hao Bao added, "Auntie is the greatest and greatest experimenter in the Hao family. Apart from you, our hopes will be disappointed. Please help your sincere nephew." Hao Xing laughed and scolded, "Po, your mouth is really unforgiving. All right!"! Aunt will act as your experiment, otherwise how can you sleep peacefully? Baby brother, a burst of joy. Hao Bao smiled and said, "Auntie is right to do this. After all the troubles are lost, it's not too late for us to worry together." He immediately handed Ganoderma lucidum to Hao Xing, who took it and went to the nearby pool to wash it. Hao Bao said, "Actually, you can eat it without washing it. But before you eat it, you'd better prepare a bed so that you won't be drunk like us." Hao Bei immediately thought, "Auntie, you won't get drunk, will you?" Hao Xing chuckled and said, "Your aunt is not like you. She swallowed a whole plant as soon as she opened her mouth. Your grandfather said a small piece was enough.". ” She then tore off a small piece and chewed it slowly. The taste was really sweet, like drinking wine. Only then did she know why her precious brother was drunk. Hao Bao said with a smile, "Is it enough for my aunt to eat a little?"? Your size is so big. Hao Xing takes a glance at him: "Since it's an experiment, what does it matter if you start eating less?" She began to feel a little elated, so she sat on the grass and meditated with her eyes closed. Before long, a light red mist began to appear on her body, soft and gentle, with the fragrance of wine, which stunned the two precious brothers. The two of them also remembered that when they ate Feiyan Ganoderma lucidum, how could there be no red mist? But come to think of it, there should be, but they were drunk and running around. The red mist will naturally disperse and fade, and of course it cannot be seen as clearly as it is now. The red mist was getting thicker and thicker, and Hao Xing was already wrapped up, only to see the mist spray out a little. Hao Xing's body was a little thinner, and his clothes were loose. Baby brother can not help but admire the magic of creation, can grow such a magical Ganoderma lucidum. Fortunately, I have eaten a lot of plants, and I probably can't get fat all my life. Hao Bei said in a low voice, "Ganoderma lucidum is really effective. Auntie has lost weight." Hao Bao is a little pity: "I miss my aunt's fat appearance very much. It seems that I can only recall it from the distorting mirror in the future." Hao Bei saw that Hao Xing's fat face was getting thinner and thinner, and his coordinated facial features had already surfaced. He exclaimed, "Aunt must be very beautiful when she loses weight." Hao Baodaochang: "But her ice heart disease seems to be the same." The corners of Hao Xing's mouth always reveal a unique style, which seems to be cold and indifferent. "Maybe we have to ask Grandpa to think of a way," said Hao Bei. Hao Bao stretched out his index finger and hissed, "Keep your voice down. Don't let my aunt hear you." Hao Bei whispered a lot as expected: "If the eldest aunt is thin, she may really have trouble." Hao Bao said, "I hope my aunt can handle it properly,eye cream packaging tube, otherwise we can only help her handle it." Hao Bei asks: "How to handle more appropriate?" Hao Baolong laughed and said, "Just like Dad, you draw lots. What do you think?" 。


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