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Cheap Tissue Box About the smell of the new wooden storage box 聽 Bought a wooden storage box on the net recently, just buy back when smelling the smell is a little big, put on the dormitory balcony ventilated, probably put for two or three days, take in when close smell still can smell the taste, put on the table harmful to human body? Does it taste like formaldehyde? 聽 One, new buy has a little bit of smell commonly, it is to open the lid to air above all, or peculiar smell has 10 to 89, then dip again with dishcloth in some vinegar to wipe again, should be able to use. If you sprinkle tea at the bottom of the box, jasmine tea is better, or put tea in the article. Two, if be in with receiving a box to have peculiar smell, explain generation source is in them, of course, it is to remove sundry first, and then press the law processing again on the line, the receiving box of overflow color time non-woven cloth can understand. Generally speaking, all the smell can be cleaned with vinegar water, wipe treatment. It is even better with orange peel, pomelo peel or tea leaves. There are also methods such as activated charcoal, charcoal, soap, pineapple, or placed for a period of time and the smell disappeared before use. 聽聽Cheap Tissue Box website:


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