Isolation Power Distribution

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Isolation Power Distribution DescriptionAITR series isolation transformer is specially used in medical IT systems. The transformer core is made of silicon steel sheet, the loss is small. Double insulation treatment is adopted between windings, and a static screen is designed to reduce the electromagnetic interference between the two windings. PT100 temperature sensor is installed in the winding, which can be used to monitor the winding temperature. The transformer is treated by vacuum impregnation, which increases the mechanical strength and has an anti-corrosion effect. In addition, the product also uses a low-temperature rise and low noise design, so that it has good temperature rise performance and low noise. Parameter Rated Capacity3.15kVA/5kVA/6.3kVA/8kVA/10kVa Frequency50/60Hz Rated Input Voltage230V Rated Output Voltage230V/115V (IE) Inrush Current<12In Leakage Current<200uA (UO) No-Load Output Voltage<235V (IO) No-Load Output Current<3% In Short-Circuit Voltage<3% Un Efficiency>96% Maximum Ambient Temperature<40鈩?/p> No-load Temperature Rise<33鈩?/p> Full Load Temperature Rise<76鈩?/p> Withstand Voltage4200V/Min Insulation ClassH Noise Level<40dB(A) Dimension TypeCapacity (VA)A(mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)E(mm)F(mm)Total weight (kg) AITR1000010000280275427240190蠁1192 AITR80008000280265427240190蠁1190 AITR63006300280255427240175蠁1175 AITR50005000280255427240175蠁1173 AITR31503150280225427240175蠁1153 Wiring QuotationIsolation Power Distribution website:


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