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Fitness Equipments The Fitness Stick Portable Home Gym, Workout Bar, Full Body Workout Equipment, Resistance Band Bar 銆怓ull Body Workout銆?The Fitness Stick is offers a wide array of resistance exercises. One bar plus multiple exercises equal a convenient full body workout. Smooth and comfortable resistance based workout providing rehabilitation, fitness enhancement, sports training, and overall wellness. 銆怭ortable Size銆?The Fitness Stick could be used anywhere and anytime. Just take it wherever you want. Home, gym, outdoor or even during traveling. Exercise makes life easy! Just get one and begin! The Fitness Stick is perfect for traditional biceps and triceps curls, standing/upright rows, standing military presses, overhand grip hammer curls, and so on! 銆怑asy to Use銆慐xercises at home锛歜icep curls, standing chest presses, arm lifts, bench press, squats, dead lift, crunches, seated close row, and moreFitness Equipments website:


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